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A forerunner gravity well is a type of forerunner piece of machinery that is used to mine ores and materials for forerunner structures and machinery.


The purpose of this machinery is to mine and extract ores and materials from an area. The mined materials are then beamed up into space for building. It could also be used for powering a shield worlds artificial sun. It is possible that these gravity wells could be found in the center of instillation 00 were most of the Arks mining takes place.


The forerunner gravity wells use anti-gravity fields to mine materials. They have a central power core that powers the machine. There is also a strong magnetic field that surrounds the gravity well. As all forerunner technology this device is Tier-1 on the forerunner tier scale. Also the forerunner gravity well has a type of shield that protects mined ores and materials from escaping the gravity well. The shield is comprised of an unknown substance that is in a semi-liquid state. The shield is formed by the sentral core that emites the semi-liquid substance and is capible of deflecting a direct hit from one MAC round.


The forerunner gravity mines are giant towers that have a central core of blue glowing energy. They have multiple unidentified types of sentinels floating around them. Also they have the ability to beam their collected materials into space. The shield is in the shape of a sphere and is similar to the Human and Covenant's drop shield. They also are set up in pairs of three spread throughout a given area much like the Covenants spires. The secondary power core source could be forerunner phase pulse generators.

Halo fanon

This forerunner piece of machinery is fan made and is not a part of the Halo universe. The image was created by Josh Holmes and credit should go to him. The information I have stated is fanon until proven otherwise. However this idea could apear in Halo 4 or any of the upcoming Halo games. But the information is most likely false. The information stated on this page is fan made and should be treated as such.