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DMR VS Light Rifle/ Halo 4 secret codes

Jhboombox November 14, 2012 User blog:Jhboombox

Hello there as I said on my last blog post I was going to be making another one soon. So without further ado here it is.

DMR VS Light Rifle

Ever wondered if the DMR was better than a Light Rifle or the other way around? I have been working on a project that will solve that answer. Forgive me but I had to do homework when I was testing so I only got five minutes to shoot me and a guest account with DMRs and Light Rifles. In other words I could be wrong but here is what I have discovered.

DMR VS Light Rifle

DMR VS Light Rifle

A Light Rifle is weaker than a DMR when not scoped in, however it is more powerful when zoomed in. You can however win in a fight when your opponent is wielding a DMR and you are wielding a Light Rifle. Also remember that this weapon works well with the noob combo especially when zoomed in.

Halo 4 secret codes

I imagine you have been waiting for something like this in Halo 4. This is just like how you unlock terminals in Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. Okay so before I show you what they are I want you to read these next couple of sentences. These codes will unlock armor and a emblem for your spartan lV in Halo 4. Keep it in mind that you will have to do certain thing to unlock them. That I will leave up to you to find and I don't want to start saying how to unlock them because I probably will mess some stuff up. But now please enjoy these Halo 4 codes.

Halo 4 secret codes

Halo 4 secret unlock codes

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