It is dark in the orbital drop pod as me and my team plummet towards the surface of Pegasi Delta. The surface is barion no vegetation in sight and there is only rocks on its lifeless surface. 60 seconds until impact with the surface of Pegasi Delta. On the far horizon the covenant mining facility the Office of Naval Intelligence told us the covenant use the water from a nearby lake to use as fuel for their warships. Impact, I hit the buttons to jettison the drop pods door. Covenant plasma roars toward me I dodged flipped end over end and landed on my feet. Five jackals needlers and plasma pistols leveled and shields pulsating blue. I take my MA37 assault rifle off my back and opened fire. Armor piercing rounds tore through the jackals before they had a chance to return fire. I take one of their point defence gauntlets and put it around my wrist. I see more orbital drop pods you normally wouldn't see so many at once especially when each of them have one spartan encased in it’s almost indestructible titanium-A armor plating. The entire Beta Company comprised of 300 spartans in total. They impacted 300 drop pods sending dust and debris into the air. The spartans of Beta company started to head for the primary objective. In the middle of the massive covenant complex is a energy core my visor adjusted to half tint to compensate for the extreme brightness of the core. Even from this distance and with the advanced mjolnir helmet you still had to squint when looking directly at it. I squinted at the covenant structure my visor zoomed in 10× the normal view there was an unusual amount of activity thousands of grunts, jackals and the warrior elites. There were also an unusual number of ground and air vehicles this made me nervous were we unlucky enough to land as a covenant capital ship was refueling? If there was a covenant capital ship this mission just turned sour that cruser could unleash tremendous firepower or if it wants glass the planet. Not to mention it could supply reinforcements by the thousands and bombard the field with plasma torpedoes or use single ship fighters. I pushed those worries fare into the back of my head the mission is the first priority feelings come second. The rest of my squad caught up I pulled out my MA37 assault rifle off my back and ran down the hill side. There is a new target on my heads up display it is a banshee it fired a green ball of super heated plasma came straight towards me I dodged tucked and rolled heat washed over me and blistered the back of my neck. I pulled out my M41 SSR MAV/AW lock on to the banshee’s heat signature and fired the rocket hit the banshee in its midsection killing the pilot a second later exploded in a brilliant ball of fire and fell into a burning heap on the ground. I got up and ran towards the massive covenant refinery. The covenant opened fire super heated plasma bolts filled the air around me and I could hear the sizzling of rock being melted by the super heated plasma bolts. I pulled my M41 SSR off my back reloaded and sighted on coolant pipes and fired the rocket impacted sending coolant and shrapnel in all directions and killing anything within a 10 meter radios and leaving the rest of the surrounding covenant dazed. Then the spartans of Beta company charged towards the facility firing their guns and rockets at the hords of covenant troops. More spartans fired their rockets at the facilities coolant pipes which intern sprayed gallons of coolant and shrapnel. I pulled out my MA37 assault rifle and peppered the remaining aliens with armor piercing rounds dark blue blood oozed from the dead aliens. Now Beta company is inside the facility as expected there are more inside than outside with ground vehicles too one spartan fired a M6 Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle at a wraith blowing a hole clean through the heavily armored vehicle puncturing its reactor and a second later exploded in a superheated ball of fire and plasma. I opened fire on the nearest covenant grunt armor piercing rounds punched through the aliens methane tank and ruptured sending the grunt flying into the air 10 meters. The core is just up ahead the intense brightness is too much to look at. Beta company blu through the front gate to the reactor and quickly set the charges. Detonators set 10:00 minutes until detonation let's move the remaining spartans ran out the door. 9:47 there wraith! I dodged to the side pulled out my M14 SSR and fired two times. 8:32 Phantom dropping off a squad of elites I spun around wright when a elite swung his energy sword at my head, I side stepped the elites attack was a miss I pined his hands on the ground pulled out my MA37 assault rifle three rounds and the creator stopped moving. 5:21 Banshee squad firing spartans fired rockets at the banshee squad only two fell to the ground in burning heaps I reloaded and fired two more Surface-to-Surface rockets and the last of the banshees fell to the ground. 2:11 The last of the spartans are out of the covenant facility running to the D77-TC Pelican dropship that ONI has provided for us. 0:10 The last of the surviving spartans are in the drop ship and are on rendezvous with the UNSC ONI PRO-49776. 0:00 Charges detonated and behind the dropship smoke, debris, radiation, and superheated plasma endoliths the covenant mining facility.

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