"I stand on a mountain and in front of me: burning hill sides, in the valley glass smooth surface. I smell the burning of pine trees and I see the smoke rising in columns from the valley below. On the horizon I see explosions and the faint sound of exchanging fire. Their is a tremendous bright light 50 miles away coming from another valley. What was there: lakes, trees, wildlife, grasslands now only fire and molten rock remains. The wind picks up it blows with it hot air and ashes and the sound of the fire raging below me. Three ships just exited slipstream space from here you can hear them flying across the sky a kind of low rumbling sound but these ships were not owes they were far from human. The ships now rain fire down on the horizon light fills my vision and I here the sound of air boiling away and the sound of thunder. I now hold a remote detonator for a NOVA bomb I press in the final fail safe codes and press the detonator button. The last thing I saw was blinding light and a large mushroom cloud now nothing remains."