aka Joseph Hoezee

  • I live in Elk Rapids, Michigan
  • I was born on February 23
  • My occupation is Student, Student Pilot
  • I am Male
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    Problems with the new theme

    November 23, 2012 by Jhboombox

    I first want to say that I love the new theme for the website. I have made this to highlight one of the major issues in this new theme. I have noticed that the infoboxes are having a problem. The problem that I have found is that all the letters contained inside of the userbox will be almost the same color white as the color of the user box.


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  • Jhboombox

    Hello there as I said on my last blog post I was going to be making another one soon. So without further ado here it is.

    Ever wondered if the DMR was better than a Light Rifle or the other way around? I have been working on a project that will solve that answer. Forgive me but I had to do homework when I was testing so I only got five minutes to shoot me and a guest account with DMRs and Light Rifles. In other words I could be wrong but here is what I have discovered.

    A Light Rifle is weaker than a DMR when not scoped in, however it is more powerful when zoomed in. You can however win in a fight when your opponent is wielding a DMR and you are wielding a Light Rifle. Also remember that this weapon works well with the noob combo especially w…

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  • Jhboombox


    November 9, 2012 by Jhboombox

    Hello there as all of you already know Halo 4 has been released. Now what we must do is delete the template (Upcoming) on all pages that relate to Halo 4 (remember not to delete the (upcoming) template on the upcoming Halo 4 map packs). We also must add a lot more information on the Campaign and multiplayer levels. I hope that you all have a great time playing this game oh and watch out for glitches. Leave you comments below and I will be posting another blog post shortly.

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  • Jhboombox

    How to measure the length of Forge World tutorial

    This is a tutorial on how to measure the length of Forge World. Forge World is the largest multiplayer map in Halo: Reach and is also the largest multiplayer map compared to all the previous Halo maps. This tutorial will teach you how to measure the length of this map. Remember this method can be applied to other maps as well.

    First, start a game and have the motion tracker set to 150 meters max. you don't have to set you motion tracker to 150 meters I just did that so I won't have to draw as many lines.)

    Second, print out a map of Forge World and convert 150 meters into feet.

    Third, figure out where the other player is on the map and draw a line from your position to the position of your partn…

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  • Jhboombox

    Forerunner gravity well

    September 23, 2012 by Jhboombox

    A forerunner gravity well is a type of forerunner piece of machinery that is used to mine ores and materials for forerunner structures and machinery.

    The purpose of this machinery is to mine and extract ores and materials from an area. The mined materials are then beamed up into space for building. It could also be used for powering a shield worlds artificial sun. It is possible that these gravity wells could be found in the center of instillation 00 were most of the Arks mining takes place.

    The forerunner gravity wells use anti-gravity fields to mine materials. They have a central power core that powers the machine. There is also a strong magnetic field that surrounds the gravity well. As all forerunner technology this device is Tier-1 on the f…

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