• Jallerman569

    Hi there, Halo CE was a competitve game, but was it ment to be competitive? The answer is no. Games are ment to be fun, but some people kinda take the fun out of the game and blame and hurt casual players. "What is this some people?" You my ask, it's those competitve players, taking Halo's gameplay seriously and modding the gameptypes a little to far sence 2004. They can be a menace to anyone or anything who likes fun, it's like a word that they think is profanity (sorta). But really, can they be a little mean and only care of changing the right there gameplay? It depends and what organization is a safe haven, supporter, and a anit casual police/nazi? MLG!!! They just spew their own contestants to some unfortanate candidates (Games) to be …

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