I'm not in a mood to sit down and write 29 paragraphs for that "expansion" to Subtank's idea I propose, so I will just write 28. :P

First of all, I heavily disagree with the weapon layout or just weapon and vehicle appearances removal. That is clearly level info and has nothing to do with walkthroughs. The level would be empty without them.

Ok, here it is. The main idea. Whispering left a comment on Subtank's blog that made sense. "Could we also move the transcript to another page as well? It makes level pages look rather messy." I find myself heavily agreeing with this one. Transcripts waste A LOT of space on the page and sometimes look messy, something that destroys the overall appearance of the level.

The transcript should have its own page at "[[Level (Level)/Transcript]], and leave the level page with the available weapons, vehicles, trivia, and whatever else a page might include.. Because now, everyone comes over to the level page to see the transcript, and ignores everything else.

What do you say?