Well hello everybody. As some of you may remember, during the last months I created a blog about some theories of mine about these three skulls I mention. Since I am not gonna write all those things again, please before read my blog, read the first part. Please note that the image which is shown right now at the end of that page would not be shown previously.

Assuming you will not read this link, which is what will happen, I'll tell you some stuff again: A year ago, a new skull was discovered in Halo 3, using that image. It's name is Assassin, and it's description and effect are "Overactive Camo" (like "Shoot from the Hip" and "Trust us, bring a Magazine"). ok.

After discovering the skull in the Halo 3 archives, the next thing Halo-ers wanted to do is actually find in in game. There was no way however to realize on which level would it be. So they started considering. I made a somewhat logical assumption: The skulls in that image (don't worry, I'll show the image on this page below) go in an specific order: Skull Type - Level. Which means that the first skull in that description would be the Gold Skull of Sierra 117 (Iron), the Gold Skull on Crow's Nest (Black Eye), Tsavo, The Storm, Floodgate, The Ark, The Covenant, Cortana, Halo, and then the Silver Skull of the other levels which you can not know exactly since not every level has a silver skull (they are still in an order in the image as of: Silver Skull of Sierra 117 (Blind), Crow's Nest (GBP), The Ark (don't remember) and The Covenant (IWHBYD). And please note that the Unknown skull is not mentioned and can't be mentioned as it does not have a name or effect (out of the Splazer one which is not really a difference in gameplay). Well maybe it has... :)

Now we have some important clues to find the skull: simple. The Assassin Skull was after the Mythic Skull and before the Blind Skull. The Skull's description is Interred where heroes fall which means that the skull will either be a Silver Skull on Halo (as it is after the Gold Skull of Halo and matches the description because of the Sarge, 343 and the lost FoD) or a something skull on Sierra 117 (a little bit unlikely, as Sierra 117 already has two Skulls, but if one actually looks into it, in this level the Master Chief falls from the sky! Which could match the description of the skull.

However, with two skulls, Sierra 117 is left out. Searching Halo for a while with a friend, we still do not find nothing.

After that, there come some more logical assumptions: at the pre-game lobby, when you press X, you can see all the skulls you have. If one has every known skull, he/she'll see that there are not any more gaps for new skulls. Whoops. Also how could one complete the Summer Mythic Recon Challenges (with all skulls on, as the rules say), if he had not found the Assassin Skull?! So the skull was probably deleted during the making of the game.

But then I remembered: the description of the skull is "'interred deep within her tomb;" lolwut? Is Halo or Sierra 117 a girl's tomb? Only the Covenant could be, being Miranda's to,b. But how many times has Cortana referred to tombs? Her tomb... her tomb... Cortana! This is which level it is referring to! Lets see... Cortana has a Gold Skull (was it Tilt? I don't remember that good) and... no it does not have a Silver Skull. So could Assassin be it? A silver skull on Cortana?! NOP!!!!!!!!!! There IS a Silver Skull on Cortana, the unknown Skull! Could the unknown Skull be a damaged Assassin Skull? No, that would not make any sense, that would not match the description above: Skull Type - Level, as then the Assassin Skull would be the last in the list, after IWHBYD which is on the previous level. See how Bungie screwed this up!

So now that there is no more info to take from the image, let's... think! XD Here is what makes sense. Remember the unknown Skull being rumored to be a Second Blind Skull? Well, it is not! It is the base Blind Skull! I'll explain why next paragraph. So now we have a Silver Skull gap on Sierra 117, which is assassin and "interred where heroes fall"! See why this isn't nonsense?!

Bungie wanted to delete the Assassin Skull to place the Blind Skull there. They messed up however... they left the original Blind Skull on Cortana behind, along with the effect, but took away the name, description and the Main "interred where..." thing (the image you are viewing). They put the name and effect and description on the Assassin, thus deleting it, but forgot to put the "interred where..." thing on Assassin's, thus not deleting in from there. One mistake already. Second mistake, they did not delete the Cortana Blind Skull! Instead, the effect is still there, they only took the name! They made up for this adding the Splazer thing on it. Third mistake, they did not delete the original effect, they only added a new one along with that!


  • Production of Halo 3: Assassin Skull - Sierra 117, Blind Skull - Cortana (Both Silver)
  • Release of Halo 3: Blind Skull - Sierra 117, Glitched Original Blind Skull - Cortana

It is like cut-paste. Bungie cut the name, description and Main description, pasting it on the Assassin's (not the Main, this one was pasted next to the Assassins). But they did not cut the effect, they coped it, thus rendering the first Blind Skull working as well. Hackers hack the game level by level, so they found the Sierra 117 first. But original Blind Skull is on Cortana. If they had cut the effect, not copy, the unknown Skull would not be recognized as a Blind Skull any more.

Also, the Assassin's Main description is between the Mythic and the Blind because as said above, Bungie didn't paste the Blind "interred where..." thing ON in, they pasted it, AFTER it. Huge mistake, see how quickly all this was exploited?

Basically, this blog is the same as my last one, but with a new image, speculations based on the new image, and better grammar. Enjoy!

Oh, the image! Ya! Assassin.jpg