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Previously in Halo
John-117 and the UNSC have saved the world time and again. The lore of the Halo is too expansive to detail here. Here are the important details: When last we left John-117, he and Cortana were afloat in space on the wreckage of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn. The Covenant and Flood threats have been quelled for now. But now John-117 touches down on a new planet with its own mysteries and dangers.
More Halo Lore:

The Halo Arrays that initiated the story in the very first Halo were created by an forgotten ancient race of enlightened beings known as the Forerunner. They built all sorts of new technology, including the artifacts found on Requiem and will play a pivotal role in Halo 4.
Forerunner Lore

John-117 isn't the only star of the Halo franchise. While he may be on a new planet in Halo 4, several important characters may yet make an appearance.
Important Characters

A new planet hides new threats. While the Covenant will return in Halo 4, they are one of many threats. Most notably, the Promethean make their first appearance in the series - and they make quite an entrance.
Notable Enemies

We all have our favorite weapons from the Halo series, but perhaps the best has yet to come. Along with classics from the franchise, Halo 4 features an assortment of brand new weapons available in both the single-player and multiplayer experience. Good luck!
Notable Weapons