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Halo 4 Map Walkthroughs with 343i

JAlbor October 23, 2012 User blog:JAlbor

Hey everyone! 343 Industries recently released a load of developer walkthroughs of upcoming Halo 4 Multplayer Maps. This blog post collects them all in one handy place for your enjoyment!

I have already embedded the released videos on their respective pages, but thought I would make a blog post with them as well since I think they are awesome and don't think you should miss them. You can find them all below for your viewing convenience.

Also, are you most looking forward to? (I'm into Complex.)

And have three bonus developer walkthroughs of Halo 4's Armor Abilities, Flood Multiplayer Mode, and Multplayer Loadouts!

For more videos check out Fandom's video library

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