So, Halo is an FPS. I understand this. It's a military shooter, it focuses on the military. So does most of the expanded-universe. But why have we heard very little about civilian culture in the UNSC? Halo has a massive backstory into almost every aspect of it, but it's missing half of human history by ignoring the civilians.

What do we know so far? Not much. We have seen tiny snapshots of civilian culture in the trailers for Reach (Remember Reach), as well as in Halo: Reach and Halo 3: ODST themselves (the billboards you totally ignored like everyone else). As far as it can be seen it's remarkably similar to modern Western culture. So that raises the question: why has civilian culture not changed? Everyone is wearing hoodies and jeans in 2552; why has fashion not evolved? Everyone eats fast food; why has cuisine not changed? (More importantly, where are all the fat guys?) Does this represent the 21st Century as being the end of human cultural development? You'd think that human culture would have changed to the point of being almost unrecognizable to 21st Century humans, just as our culture would be unrecognizable to someone living in Renaissance Florence.

Secondly, Bungie, 343i and the like have not released anything substantial relating to human culture, or to the civilian government of humankind. So that raises the question: What is human government like? Is it a republic, like the United States, with a Congress, Supreme Court, Presidency, et al? Is it a parliamentary democracy like Britain or Israel, with a Parliament and a Prime Minister? Or is there no one unified government representing all of humankind, with each member state of the UN governing itself while sending delegations to the UN proper? Everything that's known about the UNSC command structure is its military; for all we know the UNSC could be a military dictatorship by 2553. It probably isn't Fascist or Communist, given that the Friedens and Koslovics were both attempting to supplant or secede from the UNSC in the 22nd Century. It has been stated that the UEG is democratic, although the extent of its power is unknown. But beyond that, we know nothing about the civilian chain of command in the UNSC. As such it's difficult to make any conjecture about how humanity is governed by the 26th Century (or why cultural development seems to have stagnated after 2012).