As I said in my previous post, just about everyone on this wiki has heard of, watched, or memorized large sections of Red Vs. Blue. One of the particular parts of its backstory intrigues me: Project FREELANCER.

For those of you that don't know, FREELANCER is a project in RvB that is comparable to the Headhunters of Spartan-III fame. These operatives are highly trained, well equipped and sent on ridiculously dangerous or difficult missions. Their missions also happen to involve a lot of CGI hand-to-hand combat. So, my question is: What's the likelihood of something like FREELANCER happening in Halo? Pretty damn strong.

A few projects can be compared to FREELANCER: SPARTAN, ORION, and the Headhunters to name a few. It would make good sense for the UNSC to have a Freelancer-like operation, for covert operations too secret for even the Spartans to know about. These operatives would have access to advanced and classified hardware, tactics, intel and other cool things. So, ONI probably already has something like Freelancer. It would certainly help to explain why Insurrectionist activity largely ceased during the Human-Covenant War, considering that Innie activity appears to have stopped almost immediately, before hundreds of the Outer Colonies were glassed by the Covenant. A covert force to deal with the Insurrection while SPARTANS were distracted with the Human-Covenant War, now that would make good sense.