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    At the time of blogging, only a very few weapons of Halo 4 have been announced. The confirmed weapons are: the DMR, Battle Rifle, Assault Rifle (yes, the MA5C is back), Covenant Carbine, Forerunner Lightrifle, Forerunner Scattershot, and the "Grenade Pistol" (although its inclusion is subject to change). So, what other weapons will be included and what combat roles will they fulfill?

    We can already guess at the combat roles of the AR, BR and DMR. The Assault Rifle is, as usual, a general close- to medium-range assault weapon, a simple but effective rifle for general combat. (As an aside, how the hell do you aim that thing without a HUD? There's no iron sights...) The Battle Rifle and DMR both fill the role of a mid-range marksman's weapon. …

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  • ItsTrollSeason

    ODST Poems

    June 11, 2012 by ItsTrollSeason

    I've recently found a poem on some YouTube videos pertaining to Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, most notably on an extended and edited version of Light of Aidan's Lament (the song used in the live-action trailer for Halo 3: ODST). The poem goes as follows:

    "Blood is red, our armor is black.

    Kill us and kill us but we'll just come back.

    Raid our bases, you might just get by;

    But before you know it we'll come from the sky."

    This poem isn't mentioned anywhere else in Halo canon, so what I'm wondering is if this is a fan-created poem, or if it is actual Halo canon.

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  • ItsTrollSeason

    Music in 2552

    February 27, 2012 by ItsTrollSeason

    If you've been following my posts for any given period of time, you'll have read my post on civilians in the UNSC. Particularly, the apparent lack of changes in culture, fashion, et al. This blog is dedicated to one thing: music. Music has been a part of human culture since the Neolithic Era at least, possibly longer. It's a huge part of Western culture and youth culture in the First World. So where is it in Halo? I don't mean the Marty O'Donnel stuff, the orchestral pieces and the soundtracks. I mean civilian music. Pop, rock, metal, rap, punk, where is it?

    So far, we've heard only a few instances of civilian music in the 26th Century. We've heard thumping dance music in Club Errera (Halo: Reach), and of course, Never Surrender. As an asid…

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    In 2001, Bungie rocked the world of gaming by releasing Halo: Combat Evolved. The game was one of the most advanced FPS titles of its time, and jump-started console gaming as a genre. Many people bought Xboxes exclusively so that they could play Halo: CE; had it not been released, would console gaming even still exist?

    Three years later, the creatively-named Halo 2 was released. It was the most anticipated title since the first Halo, and although the Arbiter portions of the campaign received lukewarm reviews, the game was lauded with praise for finally bringing Halo to Xbox Live. Another three years after that, Halo 3 was released to overwhelming approval from gamers and critics alike. Even IGN rated it well. But what's happened since then?…

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  • ItsTrollSeason

    Y U NO Have civilians?

    February 11, 2012 by ItsTrollSeason

    So, Halo is an FPS. I understand this. It's a military shooter, it focuses on the military. So does most of the expanded-universe. But why have we heard very little about civilian culture in the UNSC? Halo has a massive backstory into almost every aspect of it, but it's missing half of human history by ignoring the civilians.

    What do we know so far? Not much. We have seen tiny snapshots of civilian culture in the trailers for Reach (Remember Reach), as well as in Halo: Reach and Halo 3: ODST themselves (the billboards you totally ignored like everyone else). As far as it can be seen it's remarkably similar to modern Western culture. So that raises the question: why has civilian culture not changed? Everyone is wearing hoodies and jeans in 2…

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