During my long adventure through halo 3's multiplayer system I have have pondered the term 'noob'. Now from my experience the main definition for noobs is players who use high-damage automatic like the MA5C. Online these type of players are hated because they have the habit of walking around the battlefield and as soon as they see an enemy they instantly jam their finger down on the trigger without any sense of accuracy. From this random spray of projectiles a few of them miraculously hit and kill an enemy which usually frustrates them a great deal. Now while most players think these players use this strategy because they know no better but I theorize different. I believe the players subconscious urges them to pick up and fire a weapon which they know they can get a quick, efficient kill with.

And as for the other online term 'newb' the new player picks up an automatic weapon and gets a spray kill s/he thinks "Oh cool!, if I just spray in the general direction of that enemy a few of my bullets get him!, this gun rocks!" These new players just want kills.

Oops something I forgot to insert.(Refocus)And finally the type of noob I find the most Interesting is the 'Game Noob' These type of players don't care how they get kills, they are willing to throw themselves into battle to get kills so they can just WIN the match. As much I find this type of psychology interesting its one of the methods I discourage the most as I can easily pick them off individually I cannot survive when they attack in hordes of players, they wear down my shields and destroy me.

I hope this thorough explanation of 'noobs' is understandable enough for players to stop abusing them and think of their cause for one second.