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The end of Hunt the Truth

As people have seen in the newest episode of Hunt the Truth, Benjamin Giraud was either arrested or killed by ONI and his plan to take down ONI failed when ECB news anchor Charles Kesler reported that all of Ben's facts were made up. We also see Anthony Petrosky turn on Ben and Ray failing to appear in the interview because he was either captured or killed by ONI or he decided to avoid the interview to protect his family. Mshak Moradi also remains missing and was assumed dead by Ben. After Ben and FERO were accused of being members of the terrorist group known as Sapien Sunrise, Ben was taken away. Although Ben is gone, journalist Petra Janecek has taken over Hunt the Truth and she plans on taking down ONI. The newest question is will she be able to take down ONI? Will she be able to prove everything Ben had stated? Will Mshak and FERO ever return? What do you think will happen?

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