As we have seen in the newest episode of Hunt the Truth we learn that John-117, the Master Chief, has saved the ambassadors from the peace talks from a terrorist attack from a group known as the Sapien Sunrise, a group that is against the peace between the humans and the sangheili. The Chief has proven that he is still a hero but still there is a problem. Not many people know about the truth about the attack on Biko and most people still think that the Chief has gone rouge. Another problem is that Andrew Del Rio, former Captain of the UNSC Infinity is trying to ruin the name of the Spartan-II's and he is gaining support. A new question has emerged, will Rio be able to convince people to join his cause of having all of the Spartan-II's arrested? Is this his attempt to get revenge on the Chief since the events of Halo 4? Will this be the end of the Spartan-II's? What are your theories?