As most people can assume by now Halo 5 will involve John-117, the Master Chief, and a team of Spartan II's, specifically Blue Team, against Jameson Locke and his team of Spartan-IV's. We also see much tension growing between the two groups in the newest episode of Hunt the Truth where former Captain Andrew Del Rio is ordering for the decommissioning for the Spartan-II's after the event on Biko. This obviously will lead to conflict. The question is to what extent, how bad will this battle between Spartan's be, will it go to the extend of ripping the UNSC apart? Will the overwhelming amount of Spartan VI's be able to defeat the few Spartan II's that are still alive or will the amazing strength, power, strategy, and experience be able to survive a possible onslaught? I personally think that the Spartan II's will be victorious, but what are your theories?