Halo Nation


ONI versus the Outer Colonies

In the newest episode of Hunt the Truth we see Ben revealing the truth about ONI to the UNSC. Now that all the crimes of ONI have been exposed, people have been rioting and the Outer Colonies and have lost all of their communications. Chaos and fear are now spreading as a result of this and ONI can do what they please to these worlds without anyone learning. The newest question now emerges, what will happen to the people of these planets, and what will they do to fight ONI? Will they join or align themselves to the Insurrectionist groups like the New Colonial Alliance, the Venezia Rebels, or the United Rebel Front, form a new insurrectionist group, or will they join Jul 'Mdama and the Remnant? Will the UNSC try to aid the people of these worlds by taking down ONI, or will ONI take over the UNSC and kill the people of these colonies? Will the Spartans turn against ONI to save the people? What are your opinions?

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