As people have seen in the newest Hunt the Truth episode, we see John-117, the Master Chief, attack and embassy where there was a peace conference going on. He then killed one of the human ambassadors. The question is why? Is the Chief going rogue? Is this the work of ONI? Is someone trying to destroy the Chief's legacy? What are your theories?

I have multiple theories. The first one is that the Chief is trying to get revenge on ONI for the lifetime of suffering he has been forced to go through because of them. IT would make sense why he would snap after so many years of fighting. My second theory is that ONI is behind the attack. They possibly order or blackmailed the Chief to make the attack. Maybe they threatened him or angered him which possibly caused him to attack a place where ONI officials would be to get revenge. Or they had a random Spartan put on Mjolnir Mark VI armor to impersonate the Chief in order to destroy his legacy. They probably see him as a threat so they would want everyone to turn on him. One final theory is that he might be trying to find Cortana. Although she died in Halo 4, there is possibility she will be in the next game (if 343 Industries plans on putting her in Halo 5: Guardians but they probably will not) and the Chief is trying to find traces of her to save her.

Tell me what you think of these theories and state your own.