As Hunt the Truth season two begins, we learn that FERO, the voice of the rebels, is part of the UNSC. FERO, or by her real name Maya Sankar, is an under cover agent for the UNSC and she had been the reason why Benjamin Giraud was caught. It was also revealed that she killed Mshak Moradi, the conspiracy theorist who had learned about her real job. Also, we learn that Petra Janecek has been arrested by the Office of Naval Intelligence or ONI. At the end we here that she doesn't really know who she is anymore, is she FERO or Maya, and what would one think of the other? So the new question is does she plan on actually becoming a rebel or will she continue to lie and help the UNSC take down more Insurrectionist?

P.S. Yes I am back to my Hunt the Truth questions like I did with season one. Any questions send them to my message board.