So,there's been a lot of news about the multiplayer and  other features like the HD quality and the special campaign that switches between games, but I want to know something: will this game have coop campaign?

In my opinion, it would be great to have coop. In fact, my initial steps in Halo were in the Halo 3 coop campaign playing with another friend of mine, I remember having a great time. We supported each other and when you died, at least of had the opportunity of respawing ( I sucked a lot when I first played).

I think that they should include the two types of coop: online and local. Though constantly we're seeing less and less local features because of the growth of the more social and connected online multiplayer. But, sometimes, when a friend comes over to my house, we just want to play without more people than the two of us. I've seen that the game packs the Halo 5 beta and the other Halo games, but it doesn't talk about coop.So, if anybody knows anything about coop, please tell me.

Thank you for reading and commenting, and sorry if there are any grammar or vocabulary mistakes, I'm still learning English.

Bye, Halospecialist12