Why Halopedia should be a republic

Halopedia is unfair the administrators have to much will in everything. For example if they wanted to they could delete any blog they want even though its good .Not all administrators are bad though its just that some dont do the right thing some people leave halopedia because the administrators treat them like mud.

Goverment Setup

There will be one president of halopedia and he has the power to veto from the council. He will get one term for a month and can rerun for election.

There also will be a council with 7 people with 2 month terms. They can still run for presindent,when there is a issue with something the council can votes if 4 out of 7 approve it goes to the president and if the president vetos the council can overide by approving 5 out of 7

==Who be in the council and run for presindent

So a recruit cant become presindent a congressmen has to be at least a seargent

Who can vote

Anyone can vote as long as they are a user of halopedia.

Tell me if you support,neutural,reject my idea