my thoughts on the confirmation of halo 2 anniversary

I am excited for halo 2 anniversary. I have been waiting years for this to happen. I have said for years that halo 2 should get a remake and finally it is getting that remake. I liked halo cea allot and am looking forward to the release of halo 2 anniversary for it is the only game that has convinced me to buy an xbox one even though its worth way to much money for what its supposed to be able to offer people.

one thing I hope is still gonna happen, is the weapons will be exactly like they were back when halo 2 was first released(the shotgun was over powered) and the song blow me away will still be in the game(the instrumental version was in the game I know that but even with no lyrics I still can tell what song it is)

also I hope we will get to play a beta for the next halo game cause its been since halo reach's beta since I last played in a beta and I enjoyed participating in the beta for reach