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  • Halo 4 zealot

    Funny Grunts

    June 15, 2015 by Halo 4 zealot

    My fellow nation members, during the E3 confrence I saw something that had me chuckle. I saw a Grunt talking in English...343i brought back the funny grunts. XD

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  • Halo 4 zealot

    Head hunters

    June 12, 2015 by Halo 4 zealot

    Hey there Nation, now If you are a loyal follower of this Wikia and/or my blog posts.  you may remember me asking for people on there alliegence with the whole kickoff to the #HUNTTHETRUTH hype campaign. So Now I am here to ask the very big question. What do you guys think is the real reason behind Locke  and friends hunting for Blue Team, leave your theories below and may the most logical prove to be right come October.


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  • Halo 4 zealot

    It's time for a little Poll to show the Nation where the majority of the alliegance lies, Are you fpr the the Lucky, badass halfbreed Chief....or are you for the mysterious ONI Operative Spartan Locke.

    Frankly, I am laying my chips on Chief for this one. I do it not as a fan boy but more as a measure of respect.

    Leave your ballot and reason in comments below. 

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  • Halo 4 zealot

    Throwback to Reach

    March 24, 2015 by Halo 4 zealot

    Hello Nation, I was wondering if anyone wants to experience a throwback to the good old days of Halo: Reach (that and I just want someone to back me up). I'll be on Friday from 2-6 PM EST. My GT is Sidewinder1996, people with all the DLC are preferred ( I want to go for full experience). Message me in comments or XBL if interested.

    and get ready for Season 13 of Red vs. Blue!


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  • Halo 4 zealot

    Ok, who here is ticked that the tracks contributed by Hoobastank, Incubus and Breaking Benjamin were removed and not remasterd in the Anniversary format.  If they completely remastered the 1st ones sound track I do believe that the second one should follow suit with that logic. Please leave your comments below. Man, I am ticked at 343i on this one.

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