Well, I'm not one for reviews, but here it goes:

As we all know, the Halo Encyclopedia was released two weeks ago on October 24th, and I was very excited to order my copy, thinking of how great a big book of all the Halo information would be. After I ordered my copy online, I visited the article's talk page to see what to expect. I saw horrified posts that the book was full of blatant mistakes, was poorly made and had little truth.

This worried me, thinking that Frankie, Buckell and 343 Industries had made a terrible mistake, or to be more precise, dozens of mistakes.

When my copy finally arrived two weeks later, I soon realised how exaggerated the complaints were. I was instantly amazed by the size of the book, all the hard work put into its layout and images, including some artwork I have never seen before, some of which I can only conclude is Halo: Reach related. As I scanned through its contents, I was overjoyed to see all my favourite aspects of Halo comprised into this neat collection. Another complaint was how no new content was provided, which is just not true. If one actually reads the book carefully and pays attention, they will see some major revelations, some of which are:

And more.

However, this does not mean that the book does not have its mistakes such as:
Despite these flaws, the book is well worth it, and will please many a Halo fan. Total score: 8/10.