Hello there Halopedia, it's me, your friendly neighborhood Halo-343, and I have a proposal. If you somehow had the ignorance to not realize the specifics of my proposal explained through the title of this blog, then fear not, for I shall explain.

To begin, we all know of the Era Icon template, a template that is soon to undergo major reform, and annoys many an editor with it's icons in the wrong order. But among the games, books, graphic novels and comics, all relevant to the purpose of the template, lies an odd one out. This, as I'm sure most have deduced, is Red vs Blue. I ask the question - why in the name of all that is holy within the opinionated parameters of separate religions, does Red vs Blue have its own Era Icon? It is a machinima, non-canon, and of no relevance to the Halo series, and the mediums of said series, for which the Era template was created. In many an article, one can see Red vs Blue at the forefront of the list of icons, with some major icons left out to make room for Red vs Blue. I like Red vs Blue as much as the next guy, but it does not in any way, shape or form deserve it's own Era Icon. Red vs Blue uses Halo games as a medium to present itself, everything Halo-related seen in Red vs Blue is seen in the game from who's engine is being used to create the episode. But we already have Era icons for the games, so why have an icon that essentially represents the same thing?

Therefore, I propose the Era Icon for Red vs Blue to be deleted for the reasons outlined above. I honestly see no reason to object to this, but if you have one, please voice it in the comments section below, I'd be interested to hear it. Thanks for reading, or skimming through, whichever suits your attention span.