As we have all seen and and speculated about, the controversial Halo Legends is now upon us, and as the previous sentence will tell you, it certainly has been controversial. First was the Babysitter, not-so subtly released just after a game of the same subject. The short itself was a reasonably enjoyable one; action packed, interesting and surprising, with a little sprinkle of argued controversy that'll make any fanboy shudder with rage. Then there was Duel; ten times the controversy and half the enjoyability of the Babysitter. Many have agreed and disagreed with me on this subject, all of which can be seen here, so I won't go into it.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about, well it is, Halo Legends that is. I'm writing here on my small little laptop to get people, how shall I say, "hyped" about the next short; "The Package". Coming in two weeks time because 343 Industries want to stuff more Duel down our throats, the Package focuses on the Spartan-IIs and their mission to raid a Covenant CCS-Class Battlecruiser for reasons currently unknown. This episode I'm particularly interested in for several reasons; the whole thing is in spectacular CGI, a guaranteed awesome space battle, it marks the return of our good friend Thel 'Vadam, and last and more importantly: there will be Spartans.

Now your all probably thinking "Yea, so what, they're just going to throw in some new ones like Halo Wars, right?" Well that's where you're wrong folks. Most of the Spartans slated to appear in the short are Kelly-087, wait for it, Fred-104, and you guessed it, the one and only John-117. Already you're probably writing an angry letter to 343, saying how much they'll screw up and if they do you'll never buy anything Halo related again. Calm down and shut up for a minute and let me "talk". That's exactly why I'm writing this, to give you a heads up of what to expect. We only have short, soundless clips to see what's what in the Package, and I'm happy to provide these in picture form:


Four of the upcoming Spartans.

Let's cut right to it and discuss who these determined fellows might be. From left to right:

Fred or John

Well, I say Fred because it fits his description closer than any of the others, and has that battle hardened face one could only expect from Fred. However I also assume John for all the same reasons and the fact that he has brown hair. If any, it is almost definitely Fred as it is very unlikely that John's face will be shown, and John doesn't have that white stripe (Pictured below).

Umm... Sam?

I'll be honest, I haven't the foggiest. The only Spartan I can realistically see that person being, is Sam and that's not possible. It almost fits his description perfectly, yet can't be him, seeing as he died during the very first Spartan engagement against the Covenant, which looked nothing like this.


I say Mike because he is, as far as I can recall, the only mentioned black skinned Spartan. However, that certainly does not make him the only one.


Yup, Kelly. The reason being that she has brown hair (looks black in the dim light, look closer), looks light enough to be the fastest Spartan and lastly, she has that look about her that fits Kelly's reckless and joking personality. I was quite stunned after first coming to this conclusion, but the more I think about it, the more possible it becomes. After all, it never stated that Kelly might be of Asian heritage, which doesn't mean she can't be.

117 Legends

John can't not look awesome can he?

And that concludes my current view on the next Legends installment, which is quite positive in case you can't decipher that (*cough*JEA13*cough*). I hope you found my preview and assumptions useful and you can all flame me on my opinions in the comments area below. Good Day. PS: My longest blog... again.