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July 15, 2016
  • H.O.T.N

    Found new Easter egg (Maybe?)

    November 30, 2016 by H.O.T.N

    Soooo I was playing the halo: master chief collection for the first time on Xbox one and I got bored of it so I listen to each theme song for a bit and I went out and tried To log onto The Halo Channel and it went to the yellow startup and then suddenly it showed all blank when guilty spark (Chakas) went into frame talking about how he hijacked not that long ago. He started to think of his past, just after the halo event and showed AND talked about a meeting the lifeworkers about what will happen as of then after the mass extinction. There were all 7 monitors there (recognized 343, 049 and 2401) with four lifeworkers there, didn't tune in voices but his own dialogue and talked about how the 'lifeforms' were going back to their home world a…

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  • H.O.T.N

    Ever since Halo: 3 Cortana has been acting more strangely than ever before, especially since she came back from High Charity where she was kepted at since being abducted by the Gravemind and been tampered with by him. It is unknown if a A.I can hide the plague or not so tell me what u think of this theory

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