I have been playing Halo Wars, like a lot of others, but I was thinking of some improvements that I thought up of that would give the game some more cooler gameplay. Note that most of the ideas that most of the ideas I will post will be for skrimish maps only and WILL strech the rules of the Halo Canon, but like I said, it is for skrimish only and only meant more a harder and funner gameplay during it.

Halo Wars Forge

It would be cool if there was a forge to the game that will allow you to customize your own maps, but it will be limited to these rules:

Map Battlefield Terrean: This option will detrimine what area-dominat will the map be as with the case with backgrounds and who controls what extra base building space. They are: -Flood dominat: flood structures and Terrean are buildable. -Forerunner dominat: Forerunner structures and terrean are buildable. (note that a bunch of Forerunner structures will be advaiable to you regardless of what terrean dominat it is, but the sentinal and protection shop are limited to this.) -Rebel dominat: Rebel structures are buildable and this is deflaut for all maps unless changed.

Obiviously a limit to building spaces and structures with a fund system similar to Halo 3. Bigger maps like 2vs2 or 3vs3 allow for a bigger budjet.

Rebel Improvements

In some areas, I would like the rebels to be the same, but in a few areas, give them a bigger base with the turrets improved and giving them a some vehicle units such as a few warthogs and occinally a Scorpion tank.

Flood Improvements

Now this will take some explainitory... First of all there should be a few new structures that allow the flood to produce human and covenant vehicles. Those structures look identical to their counterparts, but with flood biomass forming around it.

Also allow the flood to takeover vehicles with infection forms or spores on it for too long. A vehicle with shields that are still up will avoid this fate until they drop. Another thing is that they gain a special spirit of fireish "leader" ability that they can sprout a flood root about 4 times before having to recharge which will take a long time. Those roots have a "Y" ability which the root with entangle an enemy vehicle and trap it, allowing infection to be easier and it takes a shorter time, however, other units can shoot the root off. Inspired by the cutsceen in the Campain level 13 where the roots strangle the Scarab, 4 roots are need to entangle a scarab where 4-6 infection form swarms need to be adjacent to the scarab where it shows an animation of the forms climbing on the scarab and entering the massive war machine. It won't be long until they take it over which will now be flood controlled. A flood-controlled scarab. THAT would be scary!!!!

For them to take over air units, bomber forms need to be close to another air unit and use its special "Y" ability that has it throw an egg on the air unit and an animation shows where there egg either hatches and a spore enters the air unit, or the air unit shakes the egg off. A vulture instead just uses a rocket and destroys the egg, but it damages itself a little bit. A air unit at full health with have a 10% chance of being infected, but the more damage it takes, the more sepetible it is to being infected.

Here is an idea that Specops306 brought up a few comments down. Flood Juggernauts, the deleated flood unit from Halo 2. It can be possible to put them in Halo Wars as a flood's uber unit, making them effective against everything. Their tenticles would be able to demolish enemy infantry and vehicles in like 1 or 2 strikes, and they have a quick recharging "Y" ability that has them jump a very far distance, as noted in the actual game play in Halo 2. If they would normally collide with an air unit along that way, they grab it and slam it in the ground. If it is a vulture, then they just stay on top of it and start clawing it to death.

I may come up with more ideas with the flood structures but those will have to wait.

Further uses of Field Armouries and possiblly Temples

I came up with some new ideas that those two structures can be of further use to the player once after several certain upgrades have been purchesed.

One of them is buildable deployable cover. It is buildable in the bottom right hand conor of the menu for the Field armoury. The sniper towers look like how they in episode 4 in Arcadia. For the Covenant, this is avaible either the turrets have been teched out to the max, or the shield of the forunners has been purchesed. Those towers look like the regular sniper towers we see jackals on. Also, when both of two requirement upgrades have been bought, the Covenant can put shield barriers prevent vehicles from going though. Up to 5-10 buildable cover can be built at one time.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, post them.