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Music for future halo games

I bring this up because i have been listening to music from all three games and it got me thinking like: what kind of remakes of certain pieaces will be there for future halo games.

For one, 100% likely that there will be a remake of the main halo theme (the theme we heard in all three games, such as the pillar of autum warthog run, the scarab fight in halo 2 on the level metropoles, and the pieace "one final effort" and part of "greatest journey" in halo 3) but one can help wonder how it will be played by instruments, since in halo 2 it was by a guitar, and in halo 3 it was by an orchresta + a piano.

But what about the other songs that we have heard? I do know that the song in halo 3, "beyond a pale horse" was a remake of a part in the "Delta halo suite" in the halo 2 soundtract. What kind of songs would you would like to hear and how would the played?

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