Hi guys Im just writing to express my worries about Halo 4.

Firstly elites and grunts look pretty weird. Elites and grunts are two key elements in the covenant and 343 is making me worried.

Secondly the new armour abilities seem unbalanced as of E3 as firstly the Promethean Vision for example seems to be able to detect Active Camo reducing its effectiveness greatly. Secondly there are NO effective warnings unless you are in close quatars or make a visual on the enemy using it. The PV may take a moment to start detecting enemies but as soon as it is set up it has a rather large radius and so snipers could abuse it by detecting potential victims and enemies who have found him.

Thirdly the new enemies is halo 4 seem quite odd and have a rather low AI. Crawlers are easy to kill but numerous. Watchers seem to be able to spawn them and yet they are where my focus is greatest. They have to fill the roles of both Engineers and Sentinels if both are out yet they are easily inferior to both. Having incredibly bad defence, having terrible prioritisation and they only active hardlight shields after you shot at the knight for a good few seconds. The shield also causes the knight to teleport as it lost visual and so will expose it again. Knights also seem to be rather in accurate with their weapons, in the E3 trailer the one with the scattershot shot randomly and inaccurately at range and teleported AWAY after it hit the chief with its "blade arm"

Fourthly ELITES ARE OUT OF MATCHMAKING. This is a bad mistake that 343 made. I love elite slayer and invasion and I really hope they or promethean knights are avaliable in custom games, a new invasion or in forge to replace them.

Finally Forerunner AI is attacking Humans, without provocation this is really stupid as the only way an AI will attack without provocation is if they are rampant yet most of these AI wont be intellegent enough to GO RAMPANT or have been exposed to enough AI outside of Requim to go rampant unless the covenant have interfered in the past, however this seems unlikely as the elite was clearly shot by a promethean weapon...

please comment and feel free to critisise if need be...