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aka James

  • I live in South Africa
  • I was born on August 23
  • My occupation is part time waiter
  • I am male
  • Grox return

    Requim- gathering of souls

    September 19, 2012 by Grox return

    Hey Guys this is Grox again.

    I was looking on halo nation and I got wondering what Requim means

    I looked it up and it seems it means "Gathering of Souls"

    This is absolutely shocking as it tells us several things.

    1 the planet is either named after the remnants of the Forerunner empire and contains their legacy (highly unlikely)

    2 the planet is a cryptum and contains DNA strands of Forerunners or contains cyro sleeping Forerunner prometheans.

    The second is far more likely considering the aggressiveness of the planet's gravity wells.

    The gravity wells could be used for several functions.

    They could be used to capture enemy ships, allowing for learning of their weaknesses and identifying the species' weapons and technology and hopefully navigation da…

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  • Grox return

    Worries about Halo 4

    August 7, 2012 by Grox return

    Hi guys Im just writing to express my worries about Halo 4.

    Firstly elites and grunts look pretty weird. Elites and grunts are two key elements in the covenant and 343 is making me worried.

    Secondly the new armour abilities seem unbalanced as of E3 as firstly the Promethean Vision for example seems to be able to detect Active Camo reducing its effectiveness greatly. Secondly there are NO effective warnings unless you are in close quatars or make a visual on the enemy using it. The PV may take a moment to start detecting enemies but as soon as it is set up it has a rather large radius and so snipers could abuse it by detecting potential victims and enemies who have found him.

    Thirdly the new enemies is halo 4 seem quite odd and have a rather l…

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