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Grizzlei April 19, 2009 User blog:Grizzlei

A parody i've been meaning to make for quite a while now, one that got the IRC channel in excitement this morning when I said I would create it. This show seems to be very popular with our community, and I thought i'd do one for it.

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Anyways, here it is, the Halopedian parody of That '70s Show:

That Halo Show

Here is a list of characters and why I chose them, going from the bottom to top row. Each character will have a link provided by Groovypedia, the wikia dedicated to the show. Granted, some of these are meant as jokes, and I placed their names with no real thought or logic.

Bottom Row

  • Spartansniper450 as Michael Kelso, kind of a smartass person, always knows how to make the others (IRC channel) laugh their asses off at a random and awkward moments.
  • Subtank as Kitty Forman, can always be seen with a [internet] smile on here face, knows how to cheer up a friend, and is a good counter-balance to the angry Red Forman (Grizzlei).
  • Grizzlei as Red Forman, a father figure to Eric Forman (The Halopedian Community), he continuously notes people's mistakes and criticizes them for it. Commonly calls people dumbass and aggressive comments usually contain the words: Foot, in, your, and ass.
  • Sgt.johnson as Steven Hyde, one of the more rebellious members of the group (he vandalized, and got banned, what a badass), likes to mess with Eric Forman (Spirit-of-HALO), which gains the respect of his father, Red (CT).

Top Row

  • Unilinky as Jackie Burkhart, an absolute bitch and a whore. (This is an inside joke on the IRC, started by Grizzlei)
  • Justineac as Donna Pinciotti, a tough girl, continuously beats up on her friend (I guess), Eric Forman (Spirit-of-HALO). Knows how to be all serious and comedic at the same time.
  • Unluckynumber11 as Bob Pinciotti, like Eric Forman (Spirit-of-HALO), he just continuously loves to get on the nerves of his neighbor, Red Forman (Grizzlei). Though, he is a good guy, easy to talk to, and is quite funny at times.
  • Azzt Rhell as Fez, the foreign kid who nobody knows where they hell he came from.

Well I hope you enjoyed it, I know I did! Stay frosty Halopedia! To anyone who I forgot (obviously since there aren't 5,000+ people in the picture), you are still in my thoughts. To anyone I might have offended....oh well, it's the internet XD.

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