Hello Halo Nation,

Since the unfortunate split between Halopedia and Halo Nation nearly two years ago, I decided that the best thing for me to do was to help this youthful, fledgling wiki until it can get on its feet properly. Looking back, I don't regret that decision in the slightest.

Coming back in Spring 2011, just months after the exodus of Halopedia and many other sites from Wikia, I saw a wiki with incredible amounts of daily traffic and a level of activity only seen at the height of a game launch. New users were pouring in each day and a new found emphasis on editing articles was found. However, this wasn't the best thing for a new wiki. Widespread vandalism had begin plaguing the wiki, immature users were running rampant in their best faux-anarchist fashion, and plagiarism was running amok. To top it off, Wikia Staff members were constantly imposing their own will on Halo Nation, removing long-time administrators who disobeyed their uninformed and impersonal wishes. I was one such person affected by this change and through some dark, secretive magic, I wormed myself back into Halo Nation's staff with my status and privilege restored.

With the influx of new administrators and a growing, mature base of seasoned contributors on Halo Nation, it began to quickly mold itself into a wiki independent of that which came before it. You formed your own culture (i.e. My Little Ponies) and most importantly, your own way of conducting yourselves. The former, while at times seeming futile and lacking in substance, was one of the key ingredients to you becoming a successful site. And I can't be more proud of what you all have accomplished in these past few months.

Recently, I've been very inactive from the wiki and its chat channel and I apologize for my absence. Halopedia has taken up a large chunk of my time getting the site ready for the vast wealth of information that the Reclaimer Trilogy and its corresponding content will bring to the universe. Occupying my time with a beautiful relationship with my boyfriend Jeremy and a daily job, as well as my admittance to the University of Washington this fall will bring little time for me to indulge in my awesome nerdy side to the degree that I once loved.

As such, I announce that, effective immediately on August 1st, 2012, I will be voluntarily resigning my privileges as an Administrator of Halo Nation, Chat Moderator, and all other rights afforded to both positions. I never considered myself to be a leader on this wiki or to a lesser extent, a true member of it, only a person who saw the best in you people and wanted to see you mold into greatness. While the reference might be lost on some, I see myself in a similar fashion to Inspector General Baron von Steuben who helped train, form and mold the Continental Army into an effective force for the present and future.

My ego aside, you guys have awesome group of Administrators, Moderators, and other veteran contributors who want to see this wiki become even greater than you have all made it in these past couple of years and I couldn't be more proud of you all. While I have enjoyed the company of many of you and I apologize for those who had wished to learn about me more as an Administrator, naturally, it is my time to leave you all to your future. Eh, sorry for being all serious and everything, I can get a wee bit too dramatic at times. If you'd like to keep in contact with me, follow what I'm doing, or you need advice on how to be even greater Wikians, send me a message or follow at the listed sites:

Anyhoo, I wish the contributors, old and new, of Halo Nation and the staff members who work tirelessly to maintain her the best of luck and I hope she is afforded great success in the near future.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night :)