I've been wanting to do a Halo-centric Parody for a while now, seemed kinda right you know, being on some sort of "Halo Wikia". Wild Idea that is XD. Anyways, not much thought was REALLY put into this picture and parody when I made it a few days ago. Why you ask? Because The Squad and #Halopedia did all the work for me.

In my opinion, this parody fits each member exceptionally well, and i'm really proud of it (despite the three minutes it took to make it). And well, I hope you like it too!

So, here it is:

Halopedians in ODST

Here is a list of characters and why I chose them, going from left to right on the page. Each character will have a link provided by this "Halopedia" place (filled with a bunch of nitwits).

  • ODST Joshie as LCpl. "The Rookie" - A strong, silent type, that is a very capable and intelligent person, and can undeniably get the job done without fault.
  • Smoke. as Cpl. Taylor "Dutch" Miles - The brute strength of the team, and can be seen as the right hand man to GySgt. Buck (Tony). As a Non-Commissioned Officer (Admin), he inspires the people under his command, and gives advice to those above him.
  • Justineac as Capt. "Dare"' - A secretive person who tends to mostly keep to themselves, always follows the rules, and usually seems to get in arguments with Buck (Tony).
  • Grizzlei as GySgt. Edward Buck - A veteran of the Human-Covenant War (Admin and Halopedia History), he leads by example, and expects nothing but success from the people under his command. Buck loves his subordinates (All of you out there), and can usually been seen giving memorable statements to boost morale.
  • Ajax 013 as LCpl. Kojo "Romeo" Agu - The outstanding Designated Marksman of the group, Romeo serves as the Smartass-in-Chief of the Squad, and considers his prime occupation to be that of a "Ladies Man". Gunny Buck (Tony) will usually tell him to "shut the fvck up" many times during a battle (chat).

Well I hope you enjoyed it, I know I did! Stay frosty Halopedia! To anyone who I forgot (obviously since there aren't 5,000+ people in the picture), you are still in my thoughts. To anyone I might have offended....oh well, it's the internet XD.