No, this isn't just some happy fancy blog about the connection between the Humans of Battlestar Galactica and the Forerunners of Halo, oh no...this is a super parody, one which I have been working on for 3 (hours) days.

As many of you know, really only the people who frequent Halopedia's and Halo Fanon's IRC channels, i've recently grown obsessed with Battlestar Galactica, after purchasing the first few seasons of the show. In watching it, I can find many parallels with the Halo universe, especially within the Humans (BSG) and the Forerunners (Halo). Though that's another blog for another day, one which I will create in the next couple of weeks.

So, here it is:

BSG Parody

Here is a list of characters and why I chose them, going from left to right on the page. Each character will have a link provided by the Battlestar Wiki. Granted, some of these are meant as jokes, and I placed their names with no real thought or logic.

  • Cheifschick as Laura Roslin, like others, is a wise and compassionate leader within the fleet, she is also loving and caring.
  • Spirit-of-HALO as Natalie, searching for the Final Five (the senior Administrators), and trying to find out about the Cylon's (his) past and future.
  • Manticore as Saul Tigh, the brutal, smart, and foul-mouthed Executive Officer of Galactica (HP Administration).
  • Empty Space as Empty Space, the next Administrator of Halopedia.
  • Dragonclaws as Lee "Apollo" Adama, a wise, intelligent, and compassionate leader. Represents all that is good and expected from a Human (HP Administrator).
  • RelentlessRecusant as Gaius Baltar, the brilliantly crazy scientist aboard Galactica (Halopedia), he was once the President of the Colonies (the de-facto and unofficial Head Admin), and has a hot woman in his head most of the time (pervert).
  • ChristineV as Number Six, always in Gaius Baltar's (RelentlessRecusant) head (as in made up), messing and seducing him.
  • ChurchReborn as Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, a complete and utter badass in her own right, will confront anyone who stands her way. Has a romantic interest in Samuel Anders (James).
  • HaloDude as Samuel "Longshot" Anders, compassionate and tough, which he can relate to Kara Thrace (Justine). The two marry (currently HD and CR are a couple), though he is discovered to be a cylon (no connection with HP).
  • Sgt.johnson as Galen Tyrol, follows Bill Adama's (Specops) leadership style, firm, fair, and willing to go to the fullest degree in support of his crew. Unfortunately, he is discovered to be a cylon (he vandalizes the wikia), though later makes up for it.
  • Subtank as Sharon "Athena" Agathon, a Cylon known as "Number Eight" she helps Adama and assorted crew to survive getting to Earth. Later she is granted her freedom, and marries Karl Agathon (CT). She seems to have multiple personalities sometimes.
  • Grizzlei as Karl "Helo" Agathon, young, capable, and resourceful with an acute sense of right and wrong. Has a great relationship (A marriage in the actual series) with Sharon Agathon (Subtank).
  • Specops306 as William Adama, a tough leader who doesn't take sh!t from anybody. Has gone through a lot in his time as the Fleet Commander (cough*Administrator*cough).

Well I hope you enjoyed it, I know I did! Stay frosty Halopedia! To anyone who I forgot (obviously since there aren't 5,000+ people in the picture), you are still in my thoughts. To anyone I might have offended....oh well, it's the internet XD.