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  • Grizzlei

    Hello Halo Nation,

    Since the unfortunate split between Halopedia and Halo Nation nearly two years ago, I decided that the best thing for me to do was to help this youthful, fledgling wiki until it can get on its feet properly. Looking back, I don't regret that decision in the slightest.

    Coming back in Spring 2011, just months after the exodus of Halopedia and many other sites from Wikia, I saw a wiki with incredible amounts of daily traffic and a level of activity only seen at the height of a game launch. New users were pouring in each day and a new found emphasis on editing articles was found. However, this wasn't the best thing for a new wiki. Widespread vandalism had begin plaguing the wiki, immature users were running rampant in their be…

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  • Grizzlei

    As you may or may not know, today is the 343rd day of 2011, and as such, the guardians of the Halo franchise have been handing out free avatar shirt codes to everyone and their grandmother. So, naturally, bsangel, 343 Industries' beautiful Community Manager, with her kindness gladly forked over some codes my way to give to everyone.

    These codes are first come first serve and I ask that you post a comment below indicating that you got one. All of the below codes are for the MEN ONLY considering I want to see you fight over them, so any LADIES that would like one can ask me here, on my talk page, or through my e-mail and i'll be happy to give one to you!


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  • Grizzlei

    We all hate witnessing spoilers before we can experience a movie, TV show, or video game. And we've got it bad...

    Here on Wikia, and especially Halopedia, spoilers run rampant shortly before the release of a new product. Such event occurred during the launch of Halo 3 in September 2007. For a few weeks, dedicated editors who couldn't wait to defeat the Covenant invasion were subjected to waves and waves of major spoilers, completely ruining their experience. One such editor was me, who didn't feel as surprised when he played through the game. Another major spoiler leak happened last year during the release of The Cole Protocol, when Amazon UK shipped it earlier than usual.

    I know what your probably saying, "blah blah blah just don't go on the i…

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  • Grizzlei

    Halopedians in ODST

    June 10, 2009 by Grizzlei

    I've been wanting to do a Halo-centric Parody for a while now, seemed kinda right you know, being on some sort of "Halo Wikia". Wild Idea that is XD. Anyways, not much thought was REALLY put into this picture and parody when I made it a few days ago. Why you ask? Because The Squad and #Halopedia did all the work for me.

    In my opinion, this parody fits each member exceptionally well, and i'm really proud of it (despite the three minutes it took to make it). And well, I hope you like it too!

    So, here it is:

    Here is a list of characters and why I chose them, going from left to right on the page. Each character will have a link provided by this "Halopedia" place (filled with a bunch of nitwits).

    • ODST Joshie as LCpl. "The Rookie" - A strong, silent type…

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  • Grizzlei

    Welcome all!, to the sixth iteration of Halopedia's Funniest Video of the Week. I apologize for the long hiatus between the weekly segments, though I plan to make it more frequent from now on. This weeks videos come from various sources, including one from Team Fortress 2

    This weeks award goes to Team Fortress 2, IGN Entertainment, and Furrhappens.
    So now I give you, the video(s) for the week of May 18th to May 25th. Enjoy and I hope you like it.



    I hope you enjoyed these fine and funny videos, and I can't wait to post next's week iteration on Monday, June 1st, 2009!

    Have a good day and see you next week!


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