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    Well at Comic Con 343 Industires relesed a 7 page preview of Halo Initiation , a comic that tells the story of the Spartan-IV program . 

    Well lets just say that our old friend Fhajad-084 has been promoted to at least an Admiral and he does not like Dr. Halsey very much and is now in the Halsey haters club.

    Also it would seem that Musa ( Fhajad) is responsible for the entire Spartan-IV program and has a grudge against Halsey for crippling him.

    I am glad that 343 is using Fhajad for the first time since Halo : The Fall of Reach.

    Tell me what you think of this newest addition of the Halsey Haters Club.

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    Today Halo: Mortal Dictata was announced on Halo Waypoint . Halo: Mortal Dictata is the final book in the Kilo-Five Trilogy and is to be released January  2014.

    In Latin dictata means dictator (or lessons in some cases) , so a proper translation would be " mortal dictator ."

    In the Halo universe there is a protocole called UN Colonial Mortal Dictata , it is a code of ethics which went into effect 2549 , it is known to prohibit flash cloning on human beings . Dr. Halsey was in direct violation of this law ; and perhaps we will see more of the Spartan-II's human side.

    I think we can all agree that the child on the cover is Naomi-010 ,as she is described as having blonde hair and a pale complexion..

    My opinion is that the cover represents a young…

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