I've been thinking of this theory ever since I beat halowars and re-read all the terminals on Halo 3. Please note that this is a theory and I'm not claiming it as fact... yet.

For those that have played Halo Wars, you'll notice that the shield world is much different than its "brother", Onyx.

1. It's infested with flood. 2. Outside of UNSC space and a good distance from it. 3. It's a "technology cache" 4. It's slightly smaller than onyx.

Those are just some minor ways that it is different form the traditional shield world that we know of. Now for my theory.

The Planet's surface is a wasteland and filled with wreckage from an unknown conflict. Most noticeably, the Flood is dominant on the surface and is attempting to work its way to the core.

During the the battle between OB and MB many ships were lost and from what was stated in the last terminal it took place over a planet. The [url=]shield world[/url] is laced with wreckage you can see many times during the game. Most notably on the halowars level "Ander's Signal".


Following up on the terminal, "when i was destroyed long ago, in the upper atmosphere of a planet far distant from here"

If the 2 bias's were going to fight over a planet it would be flood controlled, why? at that point in time the flood nearly controlled the whole galaxy and forced a bee line straight for the ark. The flood already being present on such a scale supports this, we do know from the outbreak on halo 2 that the flood can survive by going dormant, so after the battle im assuming that the colonies when dormant to save biomass and energy.

seeing how this infestation of flood had accumulated enough biomass it would somewhat solve how grunts and jackals were able to be assimilated by the flood. Seeing how they already had a vast amount of biomass, it no longer need to seek out the "perfect" host, and merely used the flood super cell to make the grunts and jackals better for combat.

Now one major dent in my theory would be that the halo array fired during the battle and all flood and potential hosts were liquidated.

Seeing how the flood had breached some portions of the interior of the shield world they would be safe from the array and could the re-populate the surface free of automated patrols.

All in all i believe that the shield world of Halo Wars was the battle place for mendicant bias and offensive bias.


1.wreckage across the planet. 2. due to it's Unknown location, and distance from UNSC space 3. large infection across the planet. 4.The shield world has automated "shipwashes" to decontaminate the ship from the flood. which could have been made as a precaution due to the floods oncoming presence in the galaxy.


1.firing of the halo array.

  • i couldn't find any web pics of the planet, but during some cinematic's of the game and possibly during the game it's self you can see forerunner ships crashed on the surface. (shield world and repair)
  • Do we even know how long it took regret to get back or the date he left? the game takes place 21 years before halo 3, so wouldn't the SoF come across some planet controlled by ether faction,or get to earth?
  • If this is the planet for the battle, why didn't OB raze it after he won?

Thanks for reading my theory and please discuss this and help improve it! :)