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    “...if there is a god, then I’m prepared to stand before him and tell him what a careless, negligent, unloving father he is to let us behave as we do. He should have been more forthcoming with the thunderbolts and the smiting.” - Mortal Dictata, page 489

    This paragraph in the final installment of the Kilo-Five Trilogy made me stop and think. "If God is good, why does he allow suffering in the world?" is a question I have heard time and time again. I've heard pastors seeking to answer it, and I've felt it tearing from my own throat. Since this Question has come up so explicitly in my favorite franchise, I decided that I want to address it and my beliefs about it here and through a lens I've come to know rather well: Christianity.

    I certainly a…

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    Around junior year in high school, I became fascinated by a distant future where zealous aliens and super-soldiers made things go “kaboom” a lot. It was around this time as well that other young ladies became fascinated with a pair of immortal men who growled and sparkled a lot. As a result, I had a little mantra running along in my head: “Halo. It’s my anti-Twilight. What’s yours?”

    In retrospect, it would have been as equally valid to say “Halo. It is my Twilight.” After all, while my peers were off falling for a vampire or werewolf, I was consistently strapping on armor to fight extraterrestrials. It may not have been the same fantasy, but it was the same method.

    For this particular exploration, I will be looking at only the games of Halo. T…

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    This is a repost from GreenReticule's personal blog:

    I love science fiction: hard, soft, military, drama, mixed with fantasy, you name it.  My mom, on the other hand, isn’t the biggest fan.

    I remember one time way back when I was in middle school, I asked her why she didn't like sci-fi.  She responded that it was because sci-fi would take a story and throw a few "bells and whistles" at it and call it something new; the story would have been able to function on its own without the fancy gadgetry.

    At first I thought that was a little unfair.  In my mind I was trying to think about how Star Wars could be a functional story if you did take away all the spaceships and lasers and Death Stars.  It didn't seem like it could…

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