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Hornet or Falcon

Gameplay of Halo 3 is gone, and has been replaced by the gameplay of Halo: Reach. Obviously, many things have changed such as replacing the Hornet with the Falcon. However, I quickly found some problems with the newest UNSC aerial vehicle compared to the older Hornet. Please note that these comparisons are for mutiplayer only.



  • Pilot has access to weapons
  • Anti-vehicular capabilities
  • Able to carry players who are carrying objectives


  • Vulnerable to attacks from the side and rear
  • Vulnerable to anything larger than small arms fire



  • Side-mounted guns able to combat multiple targets at the front, sides, and rear
  • Increased range of motion tracker


  • Lack of any pilot controlled weapons, forced to rely on two additional players for defense
    • Instant triple-kill when destroyed
    • Lack of any variants to make up for this
  • Lack of anti-vehicular weapons
    • Lack of variant with grenade turrets due to "balancing reasons"
  • Unable to transport players carrying objectives unless standing on top, forcing the Falcon to fly more slowly to keep person on top
  • Rotors instantly kill anyone clumsy enough to get too close while riding on top
  • Lack of coordination and communication between the pilot and the gunners can and will get Falcon destroyed

Given these factors for multiplayer, I personally prefer using the older Hornet over the newer Falcon.

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