More boredom, so I'm starting this. Since Gears of War 3 released months earlier pretty much marks the end to the franchise, I was rather curious as to which side would win should they get into a little war. Of course, to make things fair to the Serans, nobody on the side of Halo would use anything bigger than a fighter.

The Locust

Humanity remained completely unaware of the existence of the Locust until Emergence Day, where the Locust emerged from the ground en masse and began to slaughter every man, woman, and child they could find, wiping out a quarter of the human population on the very first day.

The Leaders

In addition to Queen Myrrah, who suspiciously resembles a human, the Horde is led by two high ranking generals:

  • Leader of the Theron Guards, RAAM is as silent and savage as he is intelligent and cunning. Slow and bulky, RAAM's weapons of choice are a sword and a hand held heavy machine gun turret, however, his deadliest weapon are the Kryll (basically a hybrid of bats and piranhas) that he uses as a living shield and swarm enemies where they are eaten down to the bone.
  • Where RAAM is slow and bulky, Skorge is fast and agile. Leader of the Kantus, Skorge uses the gorgon burst pistol, ink (poison gas) grenades, and his deadliest weapon, a double chainsaw staff, which is strong enough to cut a tank in half.

The Horde

  • The bread and butter of the Horde, Drones are mean, savage, and extremely zealous, willing to die by the hundreds to kill a single human. What they lack in intelligence, they make up for in numbers.
  • Serving as heavy infantry, Boomers are as tough as they are physically and mentally slow. They wield multiple weapons, but their most famous weapon is the Boomshot grenade launcher. They most often appear in pairs.
  • The Kantus caste serves as the monks and priests of the Horde. They wield gorgon pistols and ink grenades; however, they are most dangerous for their strange chants, which is capable of reviving downed allies, and their loud screams, which is enough to knock anyone close enough onto the ground.
  • While the Drones and Boomers serve as the hammer and anvil of the Horde, the Theron Guards are the scalpel. As elite forces, the Theron Guards are the most intelligent of the Horde and wield a wide variety of weapons, but the weapon they use the most are the Torque Bow, which is basically a bladed crossbow that uses torque to fire explosive bolts at their targets.
  • The most dangerous members of the Locust aren't the Boomers or the Theron Guards, instead, that goes to the Berserkers. Aside from Myrrah, the Berserkers serve as the race's female, and they are 7 feet of blind, PMSing fury. Due to their vicious nature and extremely poor eyesight, they need to be chained down during mating, otherwise they'd tear apart the males. Due to their metalic skin, they are impervious to anything short of an orbital laser cannon; if one doesn't have an orbital laser cannon, use of a flamethrower and ten shitloads of ammo is the next best thing.

Locust Creatures

Although the Locust Horde has a technological level equal to that of the humans on Sera, they still use a multitude of animals found in their homeland, the Hollow, to do their bidding.

  • Small, fast, and annoying, Tickers get their name from the ticking sound they make as they move. They are extremely dangerous due to the fact they travel in large swarms and they're literally living bombs.
  • Basically the attack dogs of the Locust, Wretches are capable of walking on walls or the ceiling, and are dangerous because they attack in packs and their loud screams are sometimes capable of stunning enemies that are too close, allowing the rest of the pack or their handlers to finish them off.
  • Being the hybrid of piranhas and bats, Kryll are nocturnal predators that fly in massive swarms. They are weak to UV light and can and will devour any human or Locust dumb enough to wander out of the light right down to the bone.
  • Although small, Shriekers are dangerous due to their dual machine guns, flying around in packs, and the tendency to kamikaze any nearby enemy.
  • Every faction needs cavalry, and the Bloodmounts are just that. They're vicious and blood thirsty, and with razor sharp claws and teeth, dangerous when they get close.
  • Serapedes are basically giant centipedes with an electrical bite. Their bodies are armored except for the end of its tail, when shot enough times, that section of its tail would be destroyed, exposing the next section. With each destroyed section, it gets shorter and moves faster.
  • The Seeders are used for two things, artillery and jamming communications, and they are very capable of doing both; the Nemacyst creatures they release are extremely dangerous to enemy aircraft. They're extremely resilient to small-arms weaponry and the only way to kill them are the Hammer of Dawn or big explosions.
  • Reavers serve as living gunships, and with their rocket launchers, armed passengers, and spear like tentacles, are rather effective at destroying enemy squads.
  • Like the Seeders, the Siege Beasts are used as artillery, or more specifically, living catapults. These animals have been strapped up in the very painful "turkey dinner" pose.
  • In response to the King Raven choppers, the Locust made Gas Barges, which are basically living blimps with a metal platform strapped underneath and a Boomshot turret at each of the four corners. However, the Gas Barges, due to being a literal blimp, are large and slow, making them easy targets.
  • A massive Reaver, the Hydra serves as Skorge's mount. Armed with five rocket launchers, a heavy machine gun turret, and its tree trunk thick tentacles, the Hydra is surely capable of destroying anything in its path.
  • Queen Myrrah's personal mount, the Tempest is a giant beetle. It's armed with a heat beam breath and is impervious to everything short of the Hammer of Dawn.
  • Basically 50 foot tall spiders with an almost humanoid face, Corpsers are mainly used to dig the tunnels for the Locust but they are also used for attacking enemy forces.
  • Said to have originally been bred from small apes, the Brumak now resembles a 50 foot tall dinosaur. They are most commonly seen with wrist mounted machine guns and a back-mounted missile launcher, however there are supposedly ones equipped with energy cannons. They are the most feared of the Locust Horde and are extremely difficult to kill, even when armed with heavy weapons.
  • The Locust religion is known as the Trinity of Worms, and the worms they worship are the Riftworms, massive creatures that are 10 miles long and a half mile wide. They have an invincible rock-like skin and an appetite for cities; they are so massive that it's impossible to kill them from the outside, the only way to kill it is to survive being eaten, avoid being digested and attacked by the Nemacytes living inside it, and to cut out its three hearts before cutting out of the beast.


The Coalition of Ordered Governments, the COG serves as the main military force of the world.

Lancer Assault Rifle

The most famous weapon of the COG soldiers, the Gears, and was developed a year after E-Day. Replacing the previous Lancer due to the problems the bayonet was having with the tough, scaly hides of the Locust soldiers as well as the rate of fire and magazine. In the new Lancer Assault Rifle, magazine size was doubled, the rate of fire was increased, and most notably, the knife was replaced by a tungsten-carbide chainsaw.

Hammer of Dawn

The most advanced weapon developed on Sera, the Hammer of Dawn has two components, the targeting system and the satellite. After a target has been picked out, the satellite fires a high-energy, Immulsion-powered laser. Although destructive, the HoD has three flaws: first, the weapon can't be used indoors; second, the sky must be clear; third, the weapon can only work while the satellite is overhead, which is only a few minutes at the most.


  • The main vehicle of the COG, the King Ravens are helicopters. Armed with multiple chainguns, the King Raven are effective at providing air support; however, they are vulnerable to Nemacyst attacks.
  • Half tank, half monster truck, the Centaur tank is all awesome.
  • Originally used for mining, the Assault Derricks have been modified to be used as a heavy transport vehicle. Although rather fast, it is quite large, and its only defense is a single chaingun and a single squad of Gears, making it rather difficult to protect itself.
  • Originally used as a loader, the Silverback mech also has been modified for military use. It's armored at the front yet the pilot is unprotected from attacks from the sides and the rear. It uses a chaingun on its right arm, and when locked down, has a rocket launcher mounted on the left arm.


Immulsion, discovered about a century before the start of the first game, is a relatively unknown, highly volatile substance. Originally useless, scientists discovered how to process it for energy, and due to the amount of energy it released as well as its abundance, became the main energy source for the entire human race, replacing oil, solar, wind, even nuclear power. However, it turns out that the miracle fuel source is actually a parasite, infecting all life until there's none left. Those infected with Immusion would mutate horribly, glow, and, when killed, explode.

  • The smallest of the Lambent, Polyps travel in large swarms and attack with claws and spit Immulsion at their victims.
  • Just like their non-infected counterparts, Lambent Wretches travel in packs and can travel on walls and ceilings. Despite their small size, the Lambent Wretches have rather large and lethal explosions.
  • When invading the Inner Hollow, Delta Squad discovered a civil war going on when they found the Locust battling the Lambent Drones. The Lambent Drones are identical to their non-infected counterparts, and their death explosions are small and non-lethal.
  • A further mutation of the Lambent Drones, the Drudges lost practically all signs of intelligence. When damaged enough, the Drudges would mutate. There are three mutations: mutating the head would turn it into a firebreathing snake and unless the head was shot at, it would still live after the body's destruction and attack its enemies; mutating the arms would create long tentacles with razor sharp claws, these tentacles allow the Drudge to hurl Immulsion bombs, and, when one gets too close, pull apart its unlucky victim; mutating the legs would make them tree trunk in appearance, losing all mobility but gives the Drudge higher ground to shoot from, and allows it to summon Polyps to attack the non-infected.
  • Although it was originally thought that humans couldn't get infected with Lambency, the appearance of the Formers proved that thought wrong. Extremely weak, they are fast and travel in massive swarms; they are almost literally the zombies in Left 4 Dead in terms of gameplay.
  • Mutated Boomers, Gunkers are extremely dangerous. One arm is capable of firing a large Immulsion bomb, where, upon detonation, appears to be able to disable machinery; the other arm is an extremely long tentacle with a razor sharp cleaver at the end of it.
  • If Berserkers were bad, Lambent Berserkers are worse. They are meaner, faster, and stronger than the normal Berserkers, and to make things worse, the Hammer of Dawn has next to no effect on them. The only way to kill them is to shoot at their chest when the rib cage opens up, which happens only when it's charging.