We all know that ONI has done some....questionable activities throughout the events of Halo, such as the Spartan programs, and that a lot of ONI operatives, such as Parangosky, Ackerson, and Standish, are more or less a bunch of traitorous assholes that would not hesitate to quite literally backstab their "allies" for personal glory.

Of course, the real jem in this "treasure of assholery" is during the events of Glasslands. I haven't read the book yet, but I did read that Parangosky's having her lackeys work with some elite rebels to help kill Thel 'Vadam. Not only did Thel help humanity survive, but he's the guy that wants humanity's continued survival. And the guy that ONI's helping wants to kill Thel because he "spread lies about their religion"; which means he wants to activates the Halos. Betraying the guy that wants peaceful relations and instead siding with the guy that wants to wipe out all life in the galaxy not only showed that Parangosky's the personification of corruption and treachery, but also failed to take into account the long-term consequences of her "evil scheme".

Does anyone else agree with this?

ONI's Incompetence and Consequences on the UNSC

So I've read Thursday War, played Spartan Assault and Halo 4, saw the summaries for Escalation, and looked online over recent Halo media (mostly SpaceBattles), and it just made me see just how badly ONI has been screwing over the UNSC in every conceivable way.

The Thursday War

Near the end of the Thursday War novel we get to see Parangosky's "brilliant scheme" be put into action. And I'm using the term brilliant sarcastically, because all it did was three things.

  • The first is that by Kilo-Five, an armed squad with one of its members consisting of a Spartan, enter a Forerunner temple site, it made other Sangheili keeps enter the battle causing Thel, who was winning, to suddenly be on the losing side, forcing him to ask the UNSC Infinity for protection. All this did was make him lose a lot of the influence he had over the people of Sanghelios; which is important if he's trying to unite the Sangheili and they wouldn't want to follow him.
  • The second is that the UNSC Infinity fired a MAC round of all things at Telcam's forces which was located right next to Vadam Keep as well as Osman deciding to nuke several of Vadam's "precious few ships" (Seriously wtf, Traviss? Where did the Sangheili's hundreds or thousands of ships go?), furthering weakening Thel's forces. Remember this is RIGHT AFTER humanity just barely survived being on the brink of extinction with very few ships left, where the two biggest threats are the two races that each got half of the Covenant's massive naval armada: the Jiralhanae that still want to destroy the humans, and the Elites that Thel's trying to convince that peace is worthwhile. And until the UNSC can rebuild, humanity is forced to rely on Thel's forces to defend them against any Jiralhanae fleets that decide to attack, something that Thel cannot do with Parangosky's plan to ensure humanity's survival by weakening Thel's forces and/or starving Sanghelios to extinction. And what would have happened if it wasn't Jul who discovered Telcam dealing with an ODST squad in broad daylight without using any intermediaries (no Kig-Yar pirates being paid to make the deal), but a super elite squad of Thel's Special Ops. Sangheili? Thel would have realized that humanity's been playing him for a chump and go and finish them off.
  • The third is that Parangosky's plan is completely focused on killing off Sanghelios, and not the rest of the Sangheili colonies they must have gained in their empire that lasted for several millenia. And that goes to bite them in the ass as explained below.

Spartan Assault and Halo 4

As shown in Spartan Assault and Halo 4 (and Spartan Ops) is that Jul was able to build a massive fleet just by going around to visit the colonies. Not only has this rendered Parangosky's plan to weaken the Sangheili failed in the very concept of weakening them, but was the direct cause of all of this. Jul stumbled upon their weapon deals, they captured him instead of killing him and held him in the place where he could get more motivation to want to kill humanity, they left him unsupervised so he could escape with information on a Forerunner that hates humanity, and winds up in a colony of Didact worshipers. No matter how much Parangosky brags about the UNSC being the top dogs of the galaxy, they only have ONE ship that can actually stand up against Covenant ship, they don't truly understand what the Forerunner artifacts they have can do, they don't have the means to replicate them (with their OWN technology) and outside the huragok they can't fix those Forerunner artifacts either, and she and Kilo-Five basically just pissed off a bunch of people that are more than capable of killing them and (if the hints in Initiation and Escalation are anything to go by) Parangosky and/or Osman are not content with just that one group wanting to continue the war.

It may be speculation, but if Parangosky kept out of other peoples' business (UNSC and Thel's), they would not have to worry about such a large threat. And how large? Well besides their rather considerable naval assets (they have at least 7+ assault carriers), Jul was able to humiliate the Infinity's forces at the Second Battle of Requiem as well as nearly destroy the the Infinity twice (the first with an almost successful boarding attempt with half a dozen nukes (not to mention revealing a lot of dangerous design flaws the Infinity has {thanks to Spacebattles}] and the second by sending the planet into the sun), not to mention they basically had 6 months of unrestricted access to all sorts of Forerunner goodies that were on the planet, and (thanks to Osman's stupid order and Palmer's incompetence and inability to prioritize the more valuable target) Jul was able to get the best expert on Forerunner technology in the galaxy to willingly work for him (so far). I do not really need to explain any further how much the UNSC is probably screwed at this point. And if it does go to hell, it's all going to be ONI's fault; if Thel had his forces at full strength the UNSC wouldn't have to worry about the threat the Covenant Remnant would pose as much, but thanks to Parangosky and Osman, humanity may be crushed into oblivion.