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  • GodzillaMaster

    I'm back, and with me I bring a rather convincing theory on the New Colonial Alliance.

    They're ONI, and here's why I think that:

    • They knew about the Infinity, which was being built by ONI over the span of 20 years with total communications blackout in effect so that the word about it doesn't get out. The only ones outside of ONI that knew about it were the senior members of the Admiralty, most notably Lord Hood, who took it for the fleet instead of naval intelligence. Admiral Drake, the leader of the NCA, has nothing on his past revealed, and he could easily be affiliated with ONI.
    • Ilsa Zane was sent to lead a team to take over the Infinity by the time it was finished. Zane's official story was that the experimental SPARTAN-IV augmentations m…

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  • GodzillaMaster

    Corruption of ONI?

    January 26, 2012 by GodzillaMaster

    We all know that ONI has done some....questionable activities throughout the events of Halo, such as the Spartan programs, and that a lot of ONI operatives, such as Parangosky, Ackerson, and Standish, are more or less a bunch of traitorous assholes that would not hesitate to quite literally backstab their "allies" for personal glory.

    Of course, the real jem in this "treasure of assholery" is during the events of Glasslands. I haven't read the book yet, but I did read that Parangosky's having her lackeys work with some elite rebels to help kill Thel 'Vadam. Not only did Thel help humanity survive, but he's the guy that wants humanity's continued survival. And the guy that ONI's helping wants to kill Thel because he "spread lies about their rel…

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  • GodzillaMaster

    Halo vs Gears of War

    December 13, 2011 by GodzillaMaster

    More boredom, so I'm starting this. Since Gears of War 3 released months earlier pretty much marks the end to the franchise, I was rather curious as to which side would win should they get into a little war. Of course, to make things fair to the Serans, nobody on the side of Halo would use anything bigger than a fighter.

    Humanity remained completely unaware of the existence of the Locust until Emergence Day, where the Locust emerged from the ground en masse and began to slaughter every man, woman, and child they could find, wiping out a quarter of the human population on the very first day.

    In addition to Queen Myrrah, who suspiciously resembles a human, the Horde is led by two high ranking generals:

    • Leader of the Theron Guards, RAAM is as sile…

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  • GodzillaMaster

    Hornet or Falcon

    November 1, 2011 by GodzillaMaster

    Gameplay of Halo 3 is gone, and has been replaced by the gameplay of Halo: Reach. Obviously, many things have changed such as replacing the Hornet with the Falcon. However, I quickly found some problems with the newest UNSC aerial vehicle compared to the older Hornet. Please note that these comparisons are for mutiplayer only.

    • Pilot has access to weapons
    • Anti-vehicular capabilities
    • Able to carry players who are carrying objectives

    • Vulnerable to attacks from the side and rear
    • Vulnerable to anything larger than small arms fire

    • Side-mounted guns able to combat multiple targets at the front, sides, and rear
    • Increased range of motion tracker

    • Lack of any pilot controlled weapons, forced to rely on two additional players for defense
      • Instant triple-kill wh…

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