Halopedia is one of the most detailed and accurate Halo information sites on the web. It is very well made and we should be proud. However, there is a serious problem that this community needs to address; wording and grammar. There are two problems with grammar on this site. One is that many editors do not check their grammar when they post. The other problem is much more complicated. Because this site is edited by people from across the globe, there are many grammatical styles being used. British grammar and American grammar are slightly different.

Further, there is a serious problem with wording on this site. Halopedia is supposed to be an encyclopedia. An encyclopedia is supposed to be a formal documentation of knowledge. The site may be flowing with knowledge, but it is not very formally written. Many pages use first person and second person narrative. This lowers the professionalism that an encyclopedia should have.

I propose a solution. First, the grammar style on the site must be voted on. For example, ELA could be selected to be the standard for the site. This would mean that other grammar styles would be banned from the articles. Second, the user groups should be recreated. The groups would be divided into edit types. They would be grammar, spelling, citation, information, etc. This would allow for us to quickly resolve the grammar issues on the site. Finally, I believe that all first and second person writing should be limited to guides and gameplay strategy pages.