Halo Nation

  • GeekPlaya

    The clock struck 12, and the papers went flying up in the air. A chorus of *Zip*'s as we all packed our books, threw on our backpacks, and kicked open the double doors to freedom: middle school was officially over.

    My friend and I B-lined it to his mother's minivan, and tried to make plans for the 9 hours left in the day. Little did I know that the next 9 hours would change my life...

    After grabbing some Wendy's and tossing the pigskin, as athletic people like to call it, we headed downstairs to play together on his brand new Xbox 360. He kept talking about some weird game with aliens and some bird called a "mongoose" that I had frankly never heard of. It was all mumbo-jumbo until he inserted the disk, and the beautiful, HD, Bungie logo was …

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