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  • I live in South Milwaukee, WI
  • I was born on October 4
  • My occupation is Jobless, unless playing Halo is considered a job
  • I am Male
  • Fuchs-104

    A Boast about Halo

    October 16, 2013 by Fuchs-104

    Hey guys!!!! I'am a high school senior and in my english class we are reading Beowulf. In the story the main character Beowulf likes to boast about himseld. So for an assignment we had to create our own. Here is mine pleas read it and comment on what you think of it. Thanks.

    Long behold a true warrior and defender of all,

    Kris the SPARTAN, the best SPARTAN to ever live,

    My biological enhancements have enabled me to perform,

    Physical acts of immense strength and endurance,

    I can easily beat anyone in wrestling, tennis, swimming,

    Soccer, football, and running without even trying,

    I am the best SPARTAN, but the Master Chief is a close second,

    Not only am I the strongest, but the years of training

    and education since childhood has made me the smartest, …

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