What happens after it's John-117's time to passes

In this blog I am going to talk about my thoughts and ideas about what will happen after John has died in the Halo series. Though sad it may be to think that the Legendary Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 will die, he is still a human being and everything dies eventually. In this blog I am going to type how I think John will eventually die and what I think will happen to the Halo series after he passes. Now lets get this Trail of Tears started.

Just about everybody who has played Halo knows who John-117 is whether his name be: Master Chief, John, Spartan-117, Sierra-117, Chief, or John. Along with many other names. He is the most noted of all the SPARTANS. He has lead and participated in over 300 campains against the Covenant and don't forget about the Insurrection. He has won every Military Award (exept for the Prisonner of War medal) Anyways he is very succesfull. He has his friends Kelly, Fred, Linda, Cheif Mendez, Thomas Lasky, and more to name but I don't feel like nameing them all.

Here is one way I think John will meet his end.

A heroic death of John may be in store (even though it is cliche to kill a very important character in a heroic fashion.) I think he will die when the enemy has a weapon that would destroy all mankind unless John is able to sacifice himself to save humanity.

Leave your comments/ opinions of what you think below.

Sorry if I left off somewhere I will finish eventually. And for all my spelling errors. Also if you had any confusion reading this Blog.