These are my ideas of what is happening to John after the ending of Halo 4

Last time we saw Spartan-117 is at the epilog in Halo 4, where he was last seen getting getting his armor taken off in the Spartan-IV armor preperation bay (I don't know what they acually call it so I call it that.)

In this blog I'm going to share my ideas on what and where his current whereabouts are. So lets get this show on the road.

Friends Ideas

My friends on Xbox live think many things about what happened to him but I think the ideas are all stuiped. Here are some of them

  • After he got is armor taken of he quit heing a SPARTAN in other words he retired.

My Ideas

I'm for sure that John didn't retire. Reason being "SPARTANS' NEVER RETIRE!" It is true even if they didn't make it through augmentation (examples Kirk-018, Fhajad-084, and Serin-019) those are just some of the people, but there are many more. But those people never retired they either entered Rehab or joined ONI possibly to never be seen or herd of again. But they still never retired.

My main idea is that John was inducted into the SPARTAN-IV program, and when he got his armor tooken off, he was given a new set of armor (343 may have a completly new idea on how he looks in later games.) And then a few days or months later he is kicking someones butt for the UNSC.