This is my blog on my opinion of the movie Halo Ledegends

This is my opinion of Halo Legends, and is mostly critisizms, but there are some compliments but again I have alot to say about the movie. Also THERE MAY BE SPOILERS IN THIS BLOG... SO BE WARNED. NOW LETS TURN CAPS LOCK OFF AND begin.

A couple of days ago(I've seen it many more times than that but that was the most recent time watching the movie). I was watching the movie Halo Legends. It is an entertaining movie about legends from around the Halo Universe. It has stories about a Spartan-ll that has trouble falling from Pelicans, an Arbiter who has a duel, a Babysiter who happens to be a Spartan, Cortana waiting and thinking in space while slowly comeing closer to rampancy, a soildiers noble sacrifice/ redemption (Japanese anime Halo style), and a mission with several SPARTAN-IIs' retriving a special package. Thats my brief description on the stories from Halo Ledgends.

"The Duel"

Lets start it off with the story "The Duel", now this story has so many things wrong with it. It first takes place on the planet Sanghellios, in which an Sanghelli is wearing a Japanese straw hat, and triditional Japanese duelers robe. !WTF! Why is there Elites representing Japanese duelers! If they wanted to represent European or American clothes they could have him wearing a Modern Day U.S. Army Combat Uniform. Back to describeing the story the Arbiter starts walking alone in a forest (he is basicly asked to be jumped by somebody) in this case it was assasins who acted like ninja's assighned to a target to elemenate the Arbiter. Talking passes by and the Arbiter & the assassins/ ninjas start fighting. Arbiter kills them all. Later in the story I notice that when the Elites talk they move their jaws like humans(they did this in the Halo Universe to talk to humans)